Should I Repair My Car After a Low-Impact Collision?

If you have been involved in a small auto accident, you may be tempted to avoid taking your car in for repairs. But even if there's no major and urgent damage to your car, there are a few minor problems that can become bigger over time. Here are some reasons that you should still take your car in for auto repairs after a low-impact collision.

Hidden Issues with the Frame

One of the problems that can go unnoticed by drivers is issues with your car's frame. Even a small collision can alter the car's shape, and if the design is thrown off balance, you can be facing issues with the car's structural integrity. The frame can also affect the amount of control you have over the car. If something is off-balance, it can create friction in other parts of the car or cause parts to function unpredictably, leaving you with a car that does the wrong thing the next time you need it to be reliable. You can avoid this with a simple checkup to make sure your frame has not been compromised. 

Displaced Parts

Even when your frame isn't damaged, you might experience some hidden structural damage from the force of a collision. These could include fluid leaks or punctured parts, loosened screws, or displaced parts that put pressure where they shouldn't. If you aren't sure what a safe engine should look like, have a mechanic look under your hood to make sure nothing was thrown out of place. 

Rust Can Build Over Time

Another hidden damage that can occur is rust. If you have dented the car enough for metal to show through your paint, the car can be exposed to rust damage. Even if your car's metal doesn't show through a dent at first, the stress over time can cause the metal to crack and need replacement before rust sets in. Rust damage can build up and cause not only cosmetic problems, but also issues with your metal's structural integrity. Before this happens, take your car to an auto repair center, such as Action Tire Centre, for metal replacement or repair. 

The bottom line is that every collision deserves a checkup from your mechanic to make sure that everything is still running smoothly. Many vehicle issues can be corrected with the right prevention and early maintenance, so be on the safe side and take your car for auto repair after your low-impact collision.