Simple Auto Maintenance Tips For Environmentally-Conscious Drivers

Although driving a personal vehicle is inherently bad for the environment, you can lessen the impact of your fossil fuel consumption by performing some simple maintenance tasks. Mindfulness of fuel conservation can help to keep the environment clean while easing your conscience, and can even put a few dollars back into your pocket.

Tasks that you can perform yourself

Check the air pressure of your tires

Although you may have sensors that activate an icon on your dash that informs you if one of your tires has less air pressure than the others, it doesn't indicate when all of the tires are equally under inflated. Over time and distance, your tires may lose air pressure, which causes more of the tires' surface to touch the road. This creates additional friction, which in turn forces the engine to work harder to maintain speed. Additional fuel is then consumed.

You can check the air pressure of your tires with a tire gauge, which can be found at auto part and discount stores. The correct air pressure range for your tires can be found imprinted on the side of your tires.

When using a tire pressure gauge, you must first unscrew the cap of the valve stem of your tire. Keep all valve stem caps in a safe place while you are working, because they are small and easy to lose.

The tire gauge must be pressed firmly against the tip of the valve stem to get a proper reading. If the tires are low, you must go to a facility such as a gas station or car wash to add air from an air pump. The tip of the pump hose must be pressed firmly against the valve stem.

Air should be added gradually, and the tire pressure check periodically until the correct pressure is reached on all five tires . You should check and fill the spare tire, because it can also lose air over time. Although it won't affect your gas mileage, the sensor inside may activate the low pressure icon on your dash, leading you to believe that one of your mounted tires may be going flat.

Change your engine air filter

If the air filter to your engine is dirty and clogged, it will force the engine to use more fuel for combustion, to compensate for a lack of available oxygen. It's very easy to change your engine air filter. However, it is important to select the correct filter for the year, manufacturer, and model of your vehicle.

When you've purchased the filter, look for a small rectangular compartment next to your engine. Push the two metal side clips away from the top, remove the top, and lift out the old filter. Drop in the new filter, reinstall the top and side clips, and you're finished.

After you've completed these tasks, you should consider taking your vehicle to an auto repair shop in your area. There, you can have a computer diagnostic test done to ensure that your engine is running efficiently. When your engine is functioning at its most efficient, you can know that you are doing your best to help protect the planet. Proper car maintenance by Accurate Transmission & Auto Centre Ltd is important for both the health of your vehicle and the health of the environment.