Should I Repair My Car After a Low-Impact Collision?

If you have been involved in a small auto accident, you may be tempted to avoid taking your car in for repairs. But even if there's no major and urgent damage to your car, there are a few minor problems that can become bigger over time. Here are some reasons that you should still take your car in for auto repairs after a low-impact collision. Hidden Issues with the Frame [Read More]

Simple Auto Maintenance Tips For Environmentally-Conscious Drivers

Although driving a personal vehicle is inherently bad for the environment, you can lessen the impact of your fossil fuel consumption by performing some simple maintenance tasks. Mindfulness of fuel conservation can help to keep the environment clean while easing your conscience, and can even put a few dollars back into your pocket. Tasks that you can perform yourself Check the air pressure of your tires Although you may have sensors that activate an icon on your dash that informs you if one of your tires has less air pressure than the others, it doesn't indicate when all of the tires are equally under inflated. [Read More]

4 Things To Think About Before Going To An Auto Body Shop

If you have been involved in an accident, you will obviously want to be sure that your vehicle is fixed in a timely and efficient manner. You also want to be sure that these repairs are covered under insurance and that you don't have to pay for anything that could've otherwise been avoided. Here are four things to think about before you take your vehicle to any auto body shop: [Read More]

Faulty Cars: What To Do If You Buy A Lemon

Nothing is more maddening that purchasing a vehicle that breaks down every other week. You spend thousands of dollars on a spanking new model or pristine late model car and then end up spending thousands more to fix it. Although Canada does not have specific "lemon laws" to protect buyers from new cars with manufacturer's defects, it does offer different consumer protection options. As a Canadian citizen, you can get help with your lemon, even if it is used. [Read More]